Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture Pros and Cons – Why to Use?

Acacia wood outdoor furniture is the best alternative to expensive hardwood used for outdoor furniture. The reason is that it has many attractive characteristics of acacia. Its durability is more than other hardwood, and it does not bend easily. Moreover, acacia wood adds fine texture to the outdoor furniture. It is the best option for outdoor furniture due to its acacia wood weather-resistant property.

Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture Pros and Cons

Acacia wood is mainly used in making outdoor furniture and interior design. It is beneficial because of its striking characteristics. Along with its benefits, it also has some drawbacks. But it is a worthy investment for your project.

Benefits of Acacia Wood Furniture

Below is the positive side of the acacia hardwood outdoor furniture. Multiple options are available with a lot of attractive characteristics. Due to these reasons, acacia wood is the best choice for furniture and Acacia Wood Flooring.


Acacia wood is known as the best friend of carpenters and woodworkers. They find it is easy to work with acacia wood because it hardens after proper drying. Woodworkers transform or make different products easily from it. The dried acacia wood cuts easily. Due to this characteristic, workers made beautiful outdoor furniture like benches, tables, sofas, and chairs from acacia. Highest-quality furniture is made from it. It is workable due to its hardness and is easily crafted into beautiful products.


Acacia hardwood furniture is a worthy investment. Because acacia wood outdoor durability is more than many other expensive hardwoods. Highly dense and tough wood is required to make heavy products such as outdoor furniture. So, these are the characteristics of acacia wood. Acacia wood outdoor furniture, after passing through proper protective treatment and daily care enhances the life of acacia. Acacia can stay the same for many decades.


Acacia plant is famous for its fast-growing property all over the world. It sells and is easily found in every corner of this planet. This plant can be harvested in the area after sap formation. Framers get double profit after selling that acacia wood.


Another perk of using acacia wood is its weight. The weight of acacia wood is comparatively less than other hardwoods used for furniture. It is easily movable wood due to its lightweight property. And the furniture made from acacia wood is also light in weight than others hardwoods. So, furniture can be shifted easily.

Attractive Grain Patterns

Acacia attracts buyers for outdoor furniture selection due to its lightweight. Another important factor that attracts buyers is the attractive grain patterns of acacia wood. Unique grain patterns add beauty to the acacia wood. These patterns are variable like from light to dark in color and give a smooth texture to the acacia wood.

Highly Resistant

It is another famous property of the acacia wood that can be a number one choice for outdoor furniture. Naturally, acacia wood contains a good amount of oil and minerals. That’s why acacia can show good resistance. Acacia wood is resistant to the following:

1. Moisture-Resistant

Due to its durability, acacia wood shows good resistance against water or moisture. So, make acacia a suitable option for outdoor furniture.

2. Scratch-Resistant

Acacia wood outdoor furniture lessens most of your worries because of its higher durability. Outdoor furniture made from acacia offers resistance against scratches. But if scratches form on the acacia furniture after contact with many items. This scratch can be hidden easily by the use of a touch-up marker. Firstly test the test marker on an unseen area for the perfect match. Contrary, a deep scratch can also be removed by wood filler.

3. Termite-Resistant

Naturally, acacia has a good amount of oil and moisture in it. It offers resistance against termite or pet attacks on the wood.


The Acacia plant grows fast. Farmers harvest tree farms using it due to the fast growth rate. It produces sap that uses in medicine, edible, and many other applications. So, it provides double benefits at reasonable prices.


Smooth finishing is another perk of using acacia wood outdoor furniture. It is the best choice for decorative products.

Disadvantages of Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

The disadvantages of acacia wood are specific. Apart from benefits, acacia also has some drawbacks or cons. Because nothing is complete, everything has flaws as well. Given below is the negative side of acacia wood:

Extra Care

Although acacia wood is best used for many purposes, it also needs extra care to remain new for a long time. Acacia is beneficial and long-lasting only with a protective treatment. Untreated acacia is only a loss. Contrary, acacia outdoor furniture also needs deep and extra Acacia Wood Care regularly.

Minimum Heat-Resistivity

Another notable drawback of acacia wood, it offers minimum resistance against hot climates. It is not a suitable option for outdoor furniture in hot areas because acacia bends or shrinks in the heat. And after spending so much money on protective treatment, only then acacia wood will be the best choice.

Color Fades Away

Outdoor hardwood furniture faces light and air. So, the actual color of acacia wood change to darker color when keeps outside for a long time.

Note: To protect acacia wood outdoor furniture do the frequent shifting of furniture to the shady places. And keep the acacia wood outdoor furniture under the shade.

Uneven Grain Pattern

The uneven grain pattern is the circumstantial disadvantage. This grain pattern appears in the form of knots and bends. So, this appearance is liked by most people. It gives an uneven look to the wood that looks bad in an organized house or garden.

Swelling or Expands

When acacia wood outdoor furniture keep in the cold weather or snow for a long time will swell or expand. This swelling destroys the fine finishing of the acacia furniture.


As discussed above, acacia wood is budget-friendly and suitable compared to mahogany and rosewood. But after the comparison of acacia with American hardwoods, it will be expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoors Furniture?

Yes, acacia wood is considered the best material for outdoor furniture due to its moisture-resistant property and durability. It will remain new for more than 50 years due to this protective layer. Moreover, the protective layer gives a beautiful and fine look to the outdoor furniture.

Can Acacia Wood be Left Outside?

Yes, it can be left outside. Acacia wood passes through the protective treatment. Therefore can increase and protect the natural brown color of acacia wood. But if acacia wood outdoor furniture is left outside without any sealing causes the discoloration of wood’s natural color. It happens due to constant contact with moisture and UV rays.

Wrapping Up

Acacia wood is the king of all woods. It has many characteristics that make it the best choice for outdoor acacia wood furniture. Acacia wood has many plus points as well as many drawbacks.

Still, it is the best option for outdoor furniture due to its durability, color, resistivity, weight, and affordable. Outdoor furniture made from acacia also needs less maintenance. So, we highly recommend using acacia wood for furniture due to its durability and attractive look.

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