Acacia Wood Care – How to Protect Acacia Wood Furniture

Suppose you search for suitable light wood for your need in a reasonable range. Also, that requires little care. Acacia wood is best for it as it offers many benefits. It can last for more than 50 years only with little maintenance. Acacia Wood Care is simple and done with affordable maintenance.

Use a brush, moistened cloth, water, and detergent solution for regular cleaning. Nowadays, acacia wood is famous for outdoor furniture so it’s cleaning and care is now more critical than it was before. Don’t worry, here we provide complete information on how to care for acacia wood to make it protective for a long time.

Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture Care

Acacia wood outdoor furniture care gives you the protection of your investment or money. And it’s caring is not a big deal. Follow the tips below and maintain your furniture for a long time.

  • Clean the furniture with wipes or cloth (moistened) daily. After drying, use a dry wipe and clean it thoroughly.
  • Use oil or wax after a regular interval of time.
  • Cover your furniture when going out for a long time.
  • Shift your furniture to a shaded place if possible during summers.

How to Clean Acacia Wood?

The cleaning of acacia wood is simple. If you want to keep your acacia wood intact for a long time. Follow the tips given below to clean your wood. These tips are the parts of basic cleaning of acacia wood:

  • Dissolve a good detergent in hot water. Use a soft cloth, dip in the solution, and rub all over the wood. Use squeezed cloth over the wood, not the moistened one.
  • Acacia wood needs to dry properly. Use another clean cloth or wipe to dry the wood. Outside air can be enough for its drying.
  • Use liquid soaps that don’t have harmful chemicals in them. In this way, you can protect your wood from damage.
  • If you don’t want to use any chemicals, use a natural solution of water and vinegar for cleaning. This solution is best for tough stains like birds shit, UV damage, and fungus attack.

Note: Avoid detergents or soaps containing an amount of silicon or ammonia because silicone and ammonia contents cause dryness in acacia wood that leads to cracking. Always use soapy hot water for cleaning.

How to Protect and Care Acacia Wood?

The durability of acacia wood is good. That’s why acacia wood maintenance and protection are easy. There is no need to use expensive methods to protect acacia wood flooring and furniture. You can use preservatives to protect acacia wood. Here is the list of budget-friendly preservatives:

Finishing Oil

UV lights of the sun when falls on acacia wood can cause damage in it. Because acacia wood is sensitive to UV rays, use the finishing oil to protect the wood from sun rays.

Note: Pigmented or transparent finishing oils are available in the market. Pigmented finishing oil is best against UV rays.

Linseed and Tung Oils

Linseed and Tung oil have many benefits and outstanding drying properties. They are used as a protective coating in many items, such as outdoor furniture. So, boil the linseed or Tung oil and coat it over acacia wood as a protective coating.

Cabots Furniture Oil

Cabots furniture oil is also the best preservative to protect acacia wood for a long time. Oil dries quickly and gives a smooth and elegant look to the wood. If you want to keep your acacia wood or furniture up to mark, use it after a regular interval of time.


Specific furniture wax available in the market, Glitz wax is best for it. Wax protects the acacia wood for a long time and gives a hard finishing look. But wax takes a long time to dry. This treatment must repeat after every year.

Extra Protection

Suppose you are going out for a long time to cover the furniture before leaving. It will give extra protection. Always cover the furniture that is not in daily use to maintain it for a long time.

Mineral Oil for Acacia Wood

Linseed and Tung oils are mineral oil for acacia wood. Acacia is considered the best wood. Acacia gives a lot of benefits to its buyer. When you coat the layer of boiled mineral oils on acacia, it remains intact for a long time.

Advantages of Mineral Oils

Mineral oil advantages are given below:

  • Mineral oil offers resistance against harsh warm weather due to maximum stability.
  • Mineral oils give a smooth and attractive look to the wood.

Acacia Wood Treatment

Acacia wood can’t stay intact for a long time without any protective treatment if you are using acacia wood without protective treatment. It damages the wood soon, and you lose your investment. Protective treatment is necessary because acacia wood has a lower mineral and natural oil content. So, surface coating is done to maintain its appearance for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oil is best for Acacia Wood?

The oil with natural drying properties is best for acacia wood. As acacia needs proper drying conditions. So, linseed and Tung oil are the best fit for acacia and have all drying and protective properties. Always use linseed and Tung oil after boiling. You can also use oil to prevent the wood from dirt and stains.

Can I Use Olive Oil on Acacia Wood?

Yes, olive oil is used on acacia wood. Dip the cloth into the olive oil and rub it gently over the wood with strong hands. Rub till all the oil penetrates the wood grain. After the absorption, keep the wood in the air for drying for 10-15 minutes. Then, clean the extra olive oil with a clean wipe.

You may read the acacia wood comparison below:

Wrapping Up

Despite less oil and mineral contents, acacia wood is beneficial hardwood. Regular dusting and cleaning of acacia wood always keep it new.

Protective treatments play a vital role in maintaining the appearance of acacia wood for a long time.

Once protective acacia woodcare treatment has been done, acacia wood can remain intact for more than 40-50 years. It seems to invest once and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

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