Acacia Wood vs Mango Wood – What’s The Difference?

Acacia and mango trees are two popular species out of 60k. Both are demanding hardwoods and have distinct characteristics. Mango and acacia wood both are beneficial on their own. If you are confused in choosing which wood is the best for the work? So, you must know everything about acacia wood vs mango wood.

Read the article below to learn everything about them. Then differentiate which will be the best, either acacia or mango wood. Before discussing the difference between acacia wood and mango wood, you should know what these woods are.

Acacia Wood

Acacia is a highly famous hardwood due to its flexibility and durability. It is mainly cultivated in Australia and Asia. Its Texture is highly dense, which gives a traditional look to it. The multidirectional grain pattern makes it attractive. Naturally, acacia is available in variable colors, from light brown to reddish-brown. Protective treatment can increase the actual life span of acacia. Due to its resistance ability, it is a suitable option for hardwood furniture.

Mango Wood

Mango wood comes from mango trees that produce a fruit called Mango. It is very economical and every green. Because useful in two growing seasons. It is a hard timber used for many purposes, such as making furniture. Moreover, its dense grain arrangement is attractive. Due to its strength and durability, it is hard and the best. Because of its density, it can’t spell easily and can remain shiny and new for many years.

Difference Between Acacia and Mango Wood

Features of Acacia Wood

Below are the features of acacia wood:


Acacia wood is available in beautiful and a variety of colors. Its original Texture is from yellow to light and dark brown. With time, its color changes to reddish or rust. Its sapwood can be distinguished from hardwood.


The durability of acacia is excellent. It is durable even when placed outside because it offers good resistance against moisture, termites, ants, fungi, and heat.

Dense and Hard

Acacia is considerably known as dense and hardwood. The density of acacia wood is nearly 770 kg/m3. Moreover, it is famous wood with a hardness approximately equal to 9.5 according to Monnin Test.

Water Resistance

Acacia wood offers resistance against the water with good density. That’s why considered a good option for outdoor furniture. These features make it a good timber for making outdoor furniture. Because that faces moisture or water daily, the protective coatings on acacia can protect the wood from water damage.


The simple maintenance of acacia also makes it more remarkable than other hardwoods. Acacia can be protected and clean with simple care. So, that provides you benefits by minimizing the burden of maintenance.


Acacia wood is used in a variety of operations. Given below is the detail:


The best quality of indoor and outdoor acacia wood furniture is made due to its features.


It is also used in making acacia hardwood floors because it is durable.


Acacia is highly-recommended for making support beams in the construction of homes and offices.


  • Not resistant to high temperatures.
  • Expenditures of protective coating.
  • Knots Formation.
  • Un-affordable.

Features of Mango Wood

Below are the features of mango wood:


Mango wood is very durable, making it a good choice for making outdoor hardwood furniture. It is also best for demonstrating furniture designs. The strength of mango wood is good, just like Ash and Oakwood. That’s why mango wood does not wear or shrink quickly. Mango hardwood furniture remains new and beautiful longtime. So, it will lessen the tensions of people who want worthy hardwood furniture.

Beautiful Appearance

Due to its unique appearance, mango wood is liked by most people. Mango wood has an attractive colour and wood grain patterns. Moreover, offer variation in the wood texture. Also best for making a replica of the damaged part of mango hardwood furniture.


Mango wood is carpenter or wood worker-friendly. Although it is very hard, carpenters enjoy working with it due to its characteristics. It doesn’t crack or shatter quickly, just like other hardwood. Its smooth finishing enables it to produce copies of expensive hardwoods.


Mango wood is a cheap option as mango wood is available in different colours that give good benefits to homeowners. The sustainability of mango wood is remarkable. Due to easy maintenance, mango wood is an affordable option.


Due to its sturdy nature, mango wood is used for the following purposes:


Mango wood is highly dense. It is a good choice for producing a variety of furniture.

Musical Tools

Sturdy and durable musical tools like a drum, guitar, and many other things are made from it.


It is used in making enduring frames of anything because it is pliable.


  • Its colour fades away quickly.
  • Wrapped or cracked easily.
AppearanceStraight-to-bend grainsInterlocked Grain
SmellDifferent smell after cuttingNo smell
Dry weight760 Kg675 Kg
Tree Size20-40 FT tall80-100 FT tall
Density800 kg/m3560-720 kg/m3
Hardness (According to Janka Scale)11,100-4,2701,070
Workability Hard to work on than Mango FoodDistinct flexibility makes it more workable

You may read the acacia wood comparison below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mango Wood Good for Making Furniture?

Yes, mango wood is an excellent choice for making furniture. It offers good strength and durability for making furniture. Its dense wood grain patterns make it suitable for making furniture.

Which is better, Acacia or Mango Wood?

Both acacia and wood are best for making furniture. But due to quality and strength, mango wood is a better choice.

Wrapping up

If we compare acacia wood vs mango wood, both the acacia and mango wood are best according to your budget and the nature of the task.

Mango is a much more pliable and high-quality wood than acacia, but its protective treatment expenditures are also high. Without protective layers, mango wood cracked and decayed soon. But Mango is the best option for hardwood furniture due to its flexibility. Its cost is still less as compared to acacia.

On the other hand, acacia is also a durable timber used for various purposes.

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